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Creche Info 2014

Stoke Park Creche

Stoke Park, Park Road, Stoke Poges

Bucks SL2 4 PG

Tel: 01753 717186

Part of The Old Station Nursery Ltd.

Stoke Park Creche is operated by The Old Station Nursery Ltd, based within the grounds of Stoke Park. We aim to provide care for members' children and for visitors to the hotel with professional staff and continuous pursuit of excellence. We work closely with training providers and local child support services to ensure we are leaders in our field.

We are located in a newly built log cabin situated between the hotel and the spa and have our own secure garden area as well as use of the children's play area and the grounds. We have a range of quality toys and resources, to ensure your child is stimulated, entertained and safe when they are with us.

During creche sessions we offer a choice of activities, depending on the age of your child. We have arts and crafts, cooking, music and much more. For smaller babies, there is a quiet area, with treasure baskets and natural materials. For pre-school children we have a selection of games, puzzles, dolls and favourite toys. We also have a selection of toys for children aged between 5 and 8, as we offer some holiday and after-school sessions, depending on demand.

Opening Times

Monday - Friday  09:15am - 12:15pm
Saturday  09:00am - 12:00pm
Sunday  09:30am - 12:00pm

Children aged 0-5 can attend any sessions, and children aged 5-8 are very welcome to join us for weekend or holiday sessions.


0 - 8 years old


Children will be provided with drinks during their sessions with us. Formula milk should be provided by parents in ready-prepared bottles for any babies under 1 year old.


Parents are asked to bring their child to Creche in a clean nappy and provide a change bag with spare nappies for use during the session.


All sessions are charged at:

£8.00 for 1 hr

£12.00 for 1.5 hrs

£80.00 for 10 hrs + one session free

£160 for 20 hrs + two sessions free

10% sibling discount for second and subsequent child/ren.

Lunch is charged at £3.

Please note that the Crèche does not accept cash.

Payment System

Fees can be paid by cash or debit/credit card within the Creche building, or a course of sessions may be booked (for each 10 session booked, 1 will be free when paid in advance).

All sessions must be paid for in advance and sessions cancelled with less than 24 hours notice will be charged in full.

Booking Process

Booking will need to be done directly with the Creche Team of Old Station Nursery. Booking sheets will be available from the Creche staff, which can be handed to them directly or emailed across. 24-hour notice is needed when cancelling a booking and parents are asked to stick to the times they have booked.


Children are welcome to bring a change of clothes and parents may be asked to provide suitable clothing for different activities. Sun hats and cream need to be provided for during the Summer sessions. Name tags on clothes help prevent loss.

For more information about Stoke Park's Creche, please call 01367 243800.