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Dress Code

Whilst playing golf at Stoke Park we ask of our visitors that a dress code for both the Clubhouse and Golf course is adhered to, for the golf course and practise facilities the following dress code is acceptable:

  • Shirts must have a collar and sleeves for gentlemen and for ladies a collar is needed.
  • Tailored golf shorts, long trousers and plus fours are permitted with knee length or white sport socks accompanying shorts. 
  • We are a SOFT SPIKE ONLY golf course.
  • We do not permit collarless or football shirts, shirts un-tucked, denim, beach shorts, tracksuits, or trainers.
  • Smart casual is the order of the day within our clubhouse with smart jeans being permitted.
  • No trainers or spikes are permitted within the clubhouse.
  • Mobile phones may be used around the grounds and in the clubhouse but we ask they are not used on the golf course and that you are discreet and respectful of others.