Golfing Achievements

Berks, Bucks & Oxon (BB&O) County Achievements

Several of Stoke Park's top amateur golfers have won many County Events over the years and have either remained at this standard or progressed onto the Professional ranks. 

Here is a list of the Club's winners and runner ups (*denotes that the player has since turned Professional):


The Amateur Championship (County Championships)  

Since 1961 - The most prestigious title in the County calendar year with World Ranking Points. The Amateur Championship is limited to 108 players with the top 48, by exact handicap, getting direct entry and 24 qualifiers from the Penfold Trophy.

Our own Head of Estate, Alex Millar won this event in 1979 then a member at Denham Artisans Golf Club and Luke Donald, one of the world’s best golfers took the title in 1997 and 1998 before his professional career began.

Winner Runnner Up
1962 Joe Lawrence (Stoke Poges)


Joe Lawrence (Stoke Poges)
1964 Joe Lawrence (Stoke Poges) 1965 Joe Lawrence (Stoke Poges)
1966 Joe Lawrence (Stoke Poges) 1967 Joe Lawrence (Stoke Poges)
1991 Van Phillips* (Stoke Poges) 1978 D Davis (Stoke Poges)
1992 Van Phillips* (Stoke Poges) 1991 Lee Bishop (Stoke Poges)
1994 David Fisher* (Stoke Poges) 1993 Van Phillips (Stoke Poges) 
1995 Steve Barwick (then East Berks) 1994 Lee Bishop (Stoke Poges)
1999 Luke Rusher* (Stoke Poges) 2000 Tom Lawson (then Ellesborough)
2000 Kevin Freeman (then G.X.) 2003 Tom Lawson (then Ellesborough)
2004 Tom Lawson (then Ellesborough) 2005 Kevin Freeman (Stoke Park) 
2005 Tom Lawson (then Ellesborough) 2006  Matt Briggs* (Stoke Park)
2006 Tom Lawson (then Ellesborough) 2007 Steve Barwick (Stoke Park)
2007 Kevin Freeman (Stoke Park) 2013 Tom Lawson (Stoke Park)
2015 Johh Gough (Stoke Park)


The Champion Club  

(Since 1963) For the leading Club to represent the County Union in the English Golf Union Champion Club Tournament.

Winner Runner Up
1990 Stoke Poges 1968 Stoke Poges
1993 Stoke Poges 1992 Stoke Poges
1994 Stoke Poges 1998 Stoke Poges
1995 Stoke Poges 2007 Stoke Park
1999 Stoke Poges 2013 Stoke Park
2006 Stoke Park 2014 Stoke Park 
2008 Stoke Park    
2009 Stoke Park


Junior Champion Club  

(Since 2003) For the leading Club to represent the County Union in the English Golf Union Junior Champion Club Tournament.

2013 Stoke Park


The Courage Trophy  

(Since 1974) For the leading player in the Champion Club from 2008.

Winner Runner Up
1982 G P Griffiths (Stoke Poges) 1984 Will Farrow (Stoke Poges)
1983 Will Farrow* (Stoke Poges) 1992 Steve Barwick (then East Berkshire)
1990 Van Phillips* (Stoke Poges) 1995 Michael O'Connor* (Stoke Poges)
1991 Van Phillips* (Stoke Poges) 1996 Matt Briggs* (Stoke Poges)
1992 Van Phillips* (Stoke Poges) 2004 Matt Briggs* (Stoke Poges)
1996 Guy Woodman* (Stoke Poges) 2008 Steve Barwick (Stoke Park)
1997 Luke Rusher* (Stoke Poges)
1998 Luke Rusher* (Stoke Poges)
1999 Luke Rusher* (Stoke Poges)
2001 Kevin Freeman (Stoke Park)
2008 Kevin Freeman (Stoke Park)


The Colts Championship  

(Since 1973) For players up to the age of 21 and up to 25 from 2008 and re-named to Under 25's Championship.

Winner Runner Up
1991 Van Phillips* (Stoke Poges) 1973 Gordon Lindsay (Stoke Poges)
1992 Charlie Challen* (Stoke Poges) 1987 Van Phillips (Stoke Poges)
1996 Michael O'Connor* (Stoke Poges) 1990 David Fisher (then Flackwell Heath)
1991 Rob Watts* (Stoke Poges) 1992 Lee Bishop (Stoke Poges)
    1993 Lee Bishop (Stoke Poges)
    1995 M O'Connor (Stoke Poges)
    1999 Kevin Freeman (Stoke Poges)


The Mid Age Championship  

(Since 1982) For players over the age of 25. Previously the Boddington Trophy and from 2008 re-named the Mid Age Championship.

Winner Runners Up
1984 Will Farrow* (Stoke Poges) 1994 Matt Briggs (Stoke Park)
1990 Van Phillips* (Stoke Poges) 2004 Steve Barwick (then East Berkshire)
1991 Matt Briggs (Stoke Poges)
1998 Matt Briggs (Stoke Poges)
2004 Matt Briggs (then Donnington Grove)
2006 Kevin Freeman (Stoke Park)
2007 Matt Briggs (Stoke Park)
2015 Kevin Freeman (Stoke Park)


The Spring Trophy  

(Since 2013)

For players up to 11.4 handicap - An Order of Merit Event.

Runner Up
2013 George Bell


Under 12 Championship  

(Since 2010)

Winner Runner Up
2013 James Gregory 2011 John Gough
2014 Conor Gough  2012 Conor Gough (then Wexham Park)
2015 Conor Gough  2014 Thomas Gregory 
2016 Ben McFadden


Under 14's Championship

(Since 2010)

2014 Conor Gough 
2015 Conor Gough 
2016 Conor Gough


The Junior Championship  

(Since 1972) For Junior golfers up to the age of 18. 

Winner Runner Up
1974 Clive Dell (Stoke Poges) 1987  Van Phillips* (Stoke Poges)
1989 Lee Bishop (then Royal Ascot) 1990  Rob Watts* (Stoke Poges)
1992 Charlie Challen* (Stoke Poges) 1993 Michael O'Connor* (Stoke Poges)
2008 Jake Canning* (Stoke Park) 2012 George Bell
    2015 John Gough (Stoke Park)


The Senior Championship  

(Since 1979) For players over the age of 55. 

1979  Joe Lawrence (Stoke Poges)
1992 Tim Clutterbuck (Stoke Poges)


Order Of Merit  

(Since 1999) For the Player who accumulates the best results from major events within BB&O throughout the year. 

Winner Runner Up
2000 Matt Briggs* (Stoke Park) 1999 Luke Rusher* (Stoke Park)

Kevin Freeman (Stoke Park)

2005  Matt Briggs* (then Donnington Grove)
2012 Carl Corbin (then Wokefield Park)


Junior Order Of Merit  

(Since 2005) For the Player who accumulates the best results from major events within BB&O throughout the year.

Winner Runner Up
2008 Jake Canning* (Stoke Park) 2005 John McNally (Stoke Park)


Nike Futures Tour

Established in 2012 and sponsored by Nike, the tour comprises 11 competitions played on BB&O courses for Under 14 & Under 12 Boys with handicaps of 28 or less. Performance throughout the season on the tour and in designated county competitions determine Under 14 & Under 12 Order of Merit Rankings.


Under 14 Order of Merit 

Winner Runner Up
2013 John Gough 2015 Taylor Paul
2016 Taylor Paul 2016 Carl Banner


Under 12 Order of Merit  

Winner Runner Up
2013 Conor Gough   2013 James Gregory
2015 Thomas Gregory 2014 Thomas Gregory
2016 Ben McFadden


Bucks Ladies County Golf Association (BCLGA)

Bucks Shield  

(Since 1927) Seven aside team played off a maximum handicap of 24. Singles Match Play. The biggest County Inter Club Competition of the year.

1932 Stoke Poges Ladies
1938 Stoke Poges Ladies
1960 Stoke Poges Ladies
1969 Stoke Poges Ladies
1983 Stoke Poges Ladies
2013 Stoke Park Team: Kelly Gorry, Julia Warke, Thalia Kirby, Yuki Sugimoto, Nathalie Warke, Evgenia Kinebas and Cristina Ravagnan

Stoke Park Team: Beth Scott, Julia Warke, Thalia Kirby, Isabella Holmes, Nathalie Warke, Daisy Kennedy and Yuki Sugimoto

2015 Stoke Park Team: Thalia Kirby, Daisy Kennedy, Georgina Bowers, Evgenia Kinebas, Cristina Ravagnan, Camilla Kastrup and Jean Taylor 

Stoke Park Team: Thalia Kirby, Daisy Kennedy, Georgina Bowers, Amelia Curtis, Jill Dodds, Camilla Kastrup, Edwina Acheson


Ladies Country Championship 

2015 Thalia Kirby (at 14, the youngest ever winner)
2016 Thalia Kirby


Junior Country Championship 

Winner Runner Up Under 13 Cup
2015 Thalia Kirby     2015 Daisy Kennedy
2016 Thalia Kirby 2016 Daisy Kennedy 2016 Amelia Curtis


Berks Ladies Country Golf Association 


Junior County Championship 

Winner Runner Up
2013 Julia Warke    
2015 Julia Warke 2015 Izzie Holmes


Berks Ladies Country Golf Championship 

2017 Julia Warke


Club Golf 

Inter County Scratch League (ICSL)  

The Inter County Men's Scratch League was took over as a reformed Bucks Scratch League in 2009.  Stoke Park has always had a strong reputation of scratch golfers over the decades and still maintains a high standard to this day.  The ICSL League is currently split into four divisions, in which Stoke Park has remained in Division 1 since the formation of the League and hold the League Champions title for 2009, 2010, 2011, narrowly missing out as winners to Woburn in 2012, 2013, and 2015. They then successfully regained the League Championship in 2015 before again finding themselves as Runners Up to Woburn in 2016.


Junior Chiltern Golf League  

The Chiltern Junior Golf League is affiliated to the Bucks, Berks & Oxon Union of Golf Clubs and can trace its roots back to 1979.  There are ten member clubs of the League, each playing each other once, between April and September. Current member clubs are Beaconsfield, Burnham Beeches, Chartridge Park, Denham, Ellesborough, Gerrards Cross, Harewood Downs, Harleyford, Stoke Park and Temple. Stoke Park has featured as frequent winners in the following years; 1987, 1989, 1993, 1997, 1999, 2001, 2002, 2010, 2011 and runners up in 2013, 2014, 2015 and 2016. 


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