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Smart Court System by PlaySight is the latest technology for tennis, based on 3D visualisation technology and the concepts used to train fighter pilots in the Air Force, their aim is to globally revolutionize tennis by enhancing the game experience – making it more fun and challenging. The Smart Court System features the most advanced line calling, training analysis and debriefing capabilities in the world; it is so state of the art that only one other tennis club in Europe has the system fitted.

The Smart Court is set up on our indoor court number 3 and is available to both hotel guests and Tennis and Health Members. Training or playing in a Smart Court is more focused, effective and enables rapid improvement from the very first session. PlaySight is considered the ultimate coaching tool to maximise performance with its debriefing solutions, auto stats, bio mechanical analysis and 3D tactical game management. It can be used with one of Stoke Park’s Tennis Pros or you can log in and use it alone to help improve your came. PlaySight is operated according to the strictest safety and privacy standards and following all COPPA (Children Online Privacy Protection Act) rules.

Each Smart Court includes a wide range of advanced options, including:

  • Automatic Line Calling- just like the big tournaments. No more disputes!
  • Real Time measurement of ball speed, player mileage and calories burned.
  • Pro Level Statistics after each match or practice, just like you would see on TV.
  • Full Match video and 3D graphical display analysis of workout
  • Track all your activities on your personal tennis profile at
  • Watch your videos and stats anytime online at

Click here to watch the PlaySight Video


£12 per hour*

*Pricing is irrespective if you are playing doubles or singles and will be charged at £10 per hour if incorporated into a lesson with a Stoke Park Pro.

How to get started

  • Registration is free, simple and fast at
  • After registering call Spa Reception on 01753 717173 and ask to book the Smart Court, indoor court number 3

Please note you will not be able to play on the Smart Court without prior online registration, so please be sure to register before arrival. 


System Update

As from 14th December 2015, we have the latest PlaySight update installed (version 4.1). Below are some of the improvements: 

Drills Mode

  • Enables coaches and players to easily run and track stroke drills. No more counting to 20 while also trying to focus on your shots- the SmartCourt tracks your accuracy for you, during the drill, in real-time! For players that don’t drill or are just learning how to structure practice, use drills mode as a guide to a competitive, fun, and meaningful practice!
  • The users can select any stroke they desire for each player. If only one player is drilling, select PlaySight’s ball machine or feeding mode, and the system will focus only on the player that is drilling.
  • Select the level of difficulty and set a goal for the drill. Choose whether you want to make the drill competitive or work together to reach one goal!
  • Track the number of shots into the target, as well as overall accuracy, in real-time as well as upon debriefing. Balls will be called out verbally and visually by the system. A short “ding” can be heard when the ball is hit successfully into the target for immediate feedback. Upon finishing the drill, select “Drill Summary” and see the full analysis of the session!

Groups and Coaches

  • Clubs can create, manage and delete groups and assign coaches, all through their PlaySight club page. Make your groups and clinics “SmartGroups” easily, with a few clicks!

Online Leaderboard

  • Now, see online how you stack up against players at your club, city, country, world, and more! Select what you want to compare, and how you want to compare it. Then, take a look at the competition and where it is coming from!

Online Dashboard

See an Improved online stats display including average spin rate for each stroke type, highest spin rate, ball's net clearance and more!

Additional Upgrade

  • Tracking continuity - The SmartCourt will continue tracking the ball in cases that the ball was called "Out" but players continued to play the point
  • Bugs fixes
  • Improved ball tracking algorithms, which will reduce ball loses and increase accuracy

New Service - Live Streaming

PlaySight Live is a new service to provide live video streaming from any PlaySight SmartCourt online.

  • DVR abilities Up to 3 hours of DVR recording for each court’s live stream. Viewers can pause and replay the video at any time
  • PlaySight Live virtual control room – The control room is an online service that enables the club full control to turn the live stream on or off
  • Unlimited viewers – No need to buy data packages
  • PlaySight Live video players can be embedded easily in the club's web site, or on any other web page
  • PlaySight Live videos can be also streamed to YouTube

An Interesting Read.... 

PlaySight has recently been in the new on USA Today, click here to read about what the former professional Gilad Bloom had to say.

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