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Estate History of Stoke Park

"It is a perfect exercise in Country House Splendour" – Sunday Express

Stoke Park is one of the most beautiful places in the world. So much has changed over the past 1,000 years but the purpose of Stoke Park has not. It has always been a place for families to escape to and enjoy the luxuries of life in elegant surroundings. Today, however, we are able to share this wonderful place with many more people than in its earlier centuries.

For most of its existence Stoke Park has been a private estate owned and visited by some of the most famous people in British history. However, over 100 years ago it was transformed through the vision of one man into a luxury country club, the likes of which had not been seen in this country before. The Club’s ethos was dedicated to creating an environment that supported the physical and psychological well-being of its members and guests. This is the tradition that we have attempted to continue.

In 2008, to celebrate 100 years since Nick 'Pa' Lane Jackson turned Stoke Park into the UK's first country club, a book was published chronicling the estate's history. Stoke Park - The First 1,000 Years was written by Peter Pugh and can be purchased in the Mansion and Pro Shop. Alternatively, you can read it online using the links below.

Foreword and Introduction

Chapter One: From Saxon Times

Chapter Two: Favourites, Lawyers and Difficult Relations

Chapter Three: Exalt the Brave and Idolise Success

Chapter Four: Gardeners and Architects

Chapter Five: Wealthy Victorians

Chapter Six: The Highest Point in the Park

Chapter Seven: 'Now Pa, don't be cross!'

Chapter Eight: 'The best-appointed golf club in the country', 1908-28

Chapter Nine: 'The very essence of first-class golf'

Chapter Ten: 'The finest golfer I have ever seen'

Chapter Eleven: Keep Things Going, 1928-58

Chapter Twelve: The Stars are Coming Now, 1958-93

Chapter Thirteen: Back to Former Glory

Appendices: A Resumé of the Occupants of Stoke Park and The Stoke Park Trophies