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Mini Orange

This is played on a larger court with low compression tennis balls that are not quite as hard as green/yellow balls. This allows for better control and will help enhance a player’s technical development. The emphasis is on playing the game, developing all the shouts and enjoying competition.

What age is orange ball mini tennis aimed at?

Orange ball mini tennis is for players ages 9 and under. Or players who have reached Red Level 1.

What ball is used?

An orange ball is used. It has a low compression that makes it bounce lower, giving the player better control at an important stage of their development.

What size court is orange ball played on?

A singles court of 18m x 6.5m and a doubles court or 18m x 8.23m (the full width of the singles court). The diagram below shows the size of a mini orange court compared to a full size tennis court.





What height is the net?

80cm at the middle of the net.

What racquet is best to use?

A racquet of 58cm - 63cm (23” - 25”) is recommended.

What kind of competitions are there at red ball?

Competitions are team and individual, providing the chance to compete in a number of medium length matches. The scoring for each match should be one short set to four games, or best of three tie breaks and competitions should last between two and four hours.