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Yellow Teens

Yellow ball is played on a full size court, net being held at full height and is aimed for players 11 or over. ABC’s and technical development from the mini tennis development can now be put into practice.

What ages is yellow ball mini tennis aimed at?

Yellow ball competition is for players ages 11 and over.

What ball is used?

A normal yellow tennis ball is used.

What size court is yellow ball played on?

Yellow ball is played on a full sized court for single and doubles.


What height is the net?

The net is at full height

What racquet is best to use?

A full sized racquet of 27” is recommended, when a player is physically ready.

What kind of competitions are there at green ball?

Competitions are team and individual based, providing the chance to compete in three set matches. The scoring for each match is usually the best of three short sets or best of three full sets. Competitions and tournaments can be for a day, over a weekend or over a week in school holidays.