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What is Infrared Heating?

Unlike traditional heating systems that heat the air in the room to a very high temperature and make it difficult to breath, infrared heating works by transferring heat to surfaces and directly heating the body which in turn emit heat to the air. A lot like the sun.

The human body can absorb infrared heat because of its deep penetrating ability.

When infrared heat penetrates through skin, it transforms from light energy into heat energy. The thermal effect within the deep layers of the tissues causes bloods vessels and capillaries to dilate, promoting a better blood circulation, and the heat produced helps to get rid of the body’s toxins and metabolic wastes through sweating.

Benefits of Training in Infrared Heating

Better Circulation and Increased Energy

Infrared heat energy that is absorbed by human cells causes a physical phenomenon called “resonance”. The cellular activities are instantly invigorated, resulting in a better blood circulation and an overall improved metabolism.

Weight Loss

Infrared heat therapy can aid in weight loss by speeding up the metabolic process of vital organs and endocrine glands.

Cardiovascular Health

The heart rate increases as more blood flow is diverted from the inner organs towards the extremities of the skin, without heightening blood pressure. This allows you a more safe and deep ability to stretch your body.

Speed Recovery from Injuries

For injuries, Infrared generated heat stimulates vasodilatation of peripheral blood vessels, bringing oxygen to joints and extremities, speeding the healing of sprains and strains, thus relieving pain and reducing the time it takes the human body to recover from an injury.


The quicker metabolic rate causes extra toxic waste products to be purged from the body through the skin, during perspiration.

Skin Beautification

For that sought after healthy glow, Infrared heat therapy allows increased blood circulation to carry great amounts of nutrients to the skin, thus promoting healthy tone and texture.

Improved Immune System

By creating an “Artificial Fever”, Infrared heat has a positive effect on the immune system. Often misunderstood, fever is a natural healing response of the body. The function of the immune system is increased naturally during a fever, while virus and bacterial growth is slowed, weakening its hold. This helps the body ward off invading organisms. An Infrared heat treatment in the early stages of a cold or flu has been known to stop the symptoms worsening.

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