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A New Future for Stoke Park

Stoke Park in 2024 and beyond

Released in April 2022 showcasing Stoke Park’s future vision


Comprehensively upgrade the estate, course and hotel to deliver an unrivalled experience for guests, and elevate Stoke Park to a world-class status.


Cherish our relationships with the local community and invest in local initiatives to create a lasting legacy of genuine benefits.


Celebrate the estate’s history by restoring and enhancing The Mansion, monuments and parkland for future generations to enjoy.


Luxury hotel destination
Stoke Park will continue to be used as a hotel with the addition of new hotel accommodation to meet the needs of the luxury market. This accommodation is required to enable the hotel to compete with other luxury destinations in the market to attract guests. This in turn will create new jobs for local people both at the hotel and through the potential for the emergence of symbiotic businesses. Consideration is currently being given to the location and design of this new accommodation which will be presented in due course. 


The Mansion
Significant investment will be made into the fabric of the Grade I listed historic mansion to safeguard the  building for future generations. This will involve substantial works including the replacement of the roof and façade repairs, as well as internal restoration and enhancement works.


The Golf Course
We are working with Tom Mackenzie to undertake a full review and upgrading of the golf course to bring the  existing historic golf course up to the standard expected of a 18 hole championship level course.


All the historic holes will be protected and the current challenges around drainage that currently results in  flooding will be resolved.


New Club House
A new club house will be delivered to provide high quality facilities in a new building. The building will be set away from the mansion with parking provision below ground level.


The intention is to locate the new club house to the South East of the mansion in the location of the current green keepers compound.




New heritage core
The removal of the redundant golf holes enabling the reinstatement of the historic landscape directly adjacent to the mansion. This will deliver significant enhancements to the setting of the Grade I listed mansion and will reinstate the historic Repton landscape setting.


Removal of surface level parking
The intention is to remove the majority of the surface level parking and take it below ground in three new  basement areas. The design and location of these basements is still under development and will be presented in due course. There is no intention to construct a basement under the mansion due to the potential impact this would have on the listed fabric.


Reinstatement of the Repton tree planting
Over the years the trees that were planted each side of the mansion as part of the Repton landscape have been removed. So the intention is to reinstate a number of mature trees following his historic planting plan. The details of this planting scheme are still under development. The relocation of the main car park below ground will enable tree planting plan within the historic core.


Where possible opportunities are being taken to reduce the operational and embedded carbon within the scheme. 


Ground Source Heat Pumps will be installed in the basement locations which will make a significant contribution to reducing the future operational carbon requirements for the site.

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If you have any questions or queries relating to the consultation, please do not hesitate to contact the team at ndownie@stokepark.com

Stoke Park, Park Road, Stoke Poges, Buckinghamshire SL2 4PG